Jan. 4th, 2017

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A night full of weird dreams, the least weird of which was a bunch of gods deciding the world was fucked and starting over. This time, they said, they'd tweak things to be right. But things ended up the same, even with the tweaks. So they did it again. And again. And again. I had a hard time waking up, but managed to get to work on time, and even had a much more productive day.

Got my coffee, worked out, worked up a bunch of appeals that shouldn't even have been placed in my inbox. Unfortunately, I also got a bit lost in the work and made a minor error that takes a lot of work to correct. Christina won her disability hearing, and wants me to be her payee. That sounds fine, but on closer examination, it's actually a lot of work that you're not even allowed to get paid for.

Since I'd been too tired to fuck Tony the day before, I skipped the gym, opting instead to workout at home. It worked better than it has previously, though Lady Miss Friday really wanted me to sit still and occasionally pet her. I asked Tony what time he wanted to come over and his response was "whenever." Okay, another day then. CJ, the aggressive top from a while back, hit me up, wanting me to help him out with a fantasy of his involving a Sleeping Bottom. Even though I got relatively little done - just cleared off my desk, put away clothes, put away the last dishes, did a new batch, and started organizing electronics, the whole place looked much better. I also un-hobo'd myself, buzzing my hair and beard, trimming my nails. Sean should be back from PS, but I didn't really have time to swing by and grab my razor from him, so I'm still using the single blade disposable. Really, the only thing on my list that I wasn't able to get done at all was lasering, because now that I have a working sensor, my laser is out of juice and I need to charge it.

Joe from Badseed media messaged me, telling me to do do more porn, and that he should really get me on camera. Yeah, that sounds like two things that are definitely within one of our powers to affect, and I've already applied sooooo.....

CJ's fantasy involved him coming into my apartment with me "sleeping," and me waking up part way through the fucking. I'm anxious as fuck, of course, so I'm thinking about it being too dark & messy, about Lady Miss Friday freaking out on him, etc, in addition to all the normal sexual anxieties I have. The whole scene went off without a hitch, though. CJ is a bit rough for me, but he backed off when he got really into it. I felt bad, because he also pushed my hands away from my dick, but then kept grabbing it himself and of course I wasn't hard. Probably the best part about it, though, was his willingness to leave the scene after. As soon as he was done, he checked in to make sure he wasn't too rough, thanked me for a great time - we were just buds. He left for work, I gave Hover a dinner chip, jerked off, and curled up next to Lady Miss Friday.


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