Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Lady Miss Friday is edging closer to me on the bed these days. By the time I'm 50 we might even be touching. Work was mercifully slow, it being our first day back and all. Worked out in my office, hit the gym on the way home. The lines to get out of the parking lot were crazy when I got there, but the gym itself was only a little more busy than usual. Got a full, fast workout in, then hit the store, which was insane again. Is everyone getting ready to hibernate?
On the way in, I saw a pigeon walking around the underground parking, wondered if it was maybe lost. On the way out, I heard squeaking, went to investigate, and saw the underside of a nest. Really wish I'd bought something to give them...or had any way to give it to them. I'm totally those guys with the bison. I also happened to see Phil, a friend of mine from years back who is now in his residency. He and Macy used to be besties, but had a falling out, and Macy tried to get him kicked out of his program. Apparently Macy also harassed him and his mum via text and email for months. Phil didn't know he'd died, which was awkward. He was with another friend, Taylor, who I guess is now single.

Tim asked to come by with Pupple, but took long enough to get there that I got to spend some time with Lady Miss Friday. We chatted for a bit, he thanked me for letting him avoid traffic, as he had been in Point Loma and going south was awful. But after 8pm he was still there, and getting cozy on the spare bed, playing with Pupple and scrolling through his phone. So.....about that traffic.....I didn't have anything to do that required him gone, but I also don't think it's so terrible to want time to myself before I go to bed.

Tony asked to come over, but I was too tired to even jerk off, much less jerk someone else off with my ass. Forced myself to take my vitamins, brush my teeth, and take my meds. Lady Miss Friday contentedly resumed her morning perch on the bed, and I curled next to the feeling of her.


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