Jan. 2nd, 2017

What To Do

Jan. 2nd, 2017 06:40 pm
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It was awesome to have the day off, of course, and I'd remembered to turn off my alarm. Naturally, that didn't stop me from waking up at 5 am, and then dreaming that I was late to work, but it was nice to sleep in. I made some coffee, but didn't really have much energy, so I laid on the couch and started playing Mario RPG. Multi-disc games are off limits until I can figure out how to transfer save data, but the SNES was really the golden age for them, anyway. Finally dragged myself off the couch and to the gym around 2, remembered to pay my rent on the way out.

A gent who'd started talking to me the day before messaged me again, and agreed to come over after the gym. I was a little tired, but still up for it. He was a nice older gent, also roided, and about my size. We hadn't talked at all about what we'd do, and I ended up just bottoming. He took a break, but finally did cum, and didn't push me to. He described a lot of what he was doing as he did it, and it seemed more for his benefit than mine. Whatever makes him happy, I suppose. Had a great chat after - he was a psychologist, but had to give it up when he became positive. He's one of the folks who was saved by meds just in time - he had zero T Cells when they got him on meds. Then he got into real estate, buying and flipping properties, so I imagine he's fairly well off.

A couple other boys hit me up, including Rafael, who I've been wanting to fuck for years. He said he was having another top over, which doesn't bother me at all. He was high on something - at least G, if not T, but I've never cared. The other gent, Adam, was small in both statute and size. Rafael tried to fuck me standing when we got there, but that position wasn't working, so I suggested we move to the bed. Adam sucked my dick, Raf tried to top him, we made out over the top of him. I flipped on my back and Adam jumped on, then Raf shoved his dick down my throat. For being quite large, he was pretty easy to take. Then Adam topped me, I kept sucking Raf's dick....and then Raf left. After a while, I suggested we check on him. He was in the living room, eating. Ah...okay? He joined us back in his room, told us another guy was coming over, even though he'd lost his hardon. The other gent joined us, a handsome, hung guy who had the slightly feminine features of someone who's had work done. Raf left again, the 3 of us made out, then Adam left, too, and was only gone for a bit before leaving for good.

Raf came back in the room, told us to finish up. We both checked on him as we were leaving, he said he was fine, but then messaged me after to tell me he was extremely disappointed in me. From his perspective, I hadn't said standing wasn't working, I'd told him not to fuck me at all, only to bottom for the other guys and exclude him. This doesn't make any sense from any perspective, and belies everything we did together except fucking. He wasn't hearing any of it. He wanted groveling. It was like talking to Julian. I tried to talk a little more sense in him, but at this point, either he'll come around when he sobers up, or he'll solidify that version of events in his head. Sad.

I had some wine at home, watched a little Bojack before finally going to bed. Unfortunately, I had a very very hard time getting to sleep thinking about how upset Raf was, and my brain had very very unhelpful suggestions for how to cope.


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