Jan. 1st, 2017

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Woke up super early, way earlier than anyone else. Julian had gone on a tirade on a bunch of my photos, and sent me a bunch of messages that I didn't bother to read. Poor Julian. Mitch had sent me a Happy New Year's text, but given his hot and cold reactions to me, I just said thank you. Weirdly, that got him talking more, and he invited me to play Magic around 4:30, or possibly go out later. Mark was dozing on and off on the couch, as was his friend Al. John and Jeremiah were fooling around in their room, but I joined them just after they came. Cuddled with Jason some, but still found myself restless. A gent I'd been talking to for a long time hit me up again, staying at All Worlds. Grabbed Jason's car, finally found the place. I guess InnDulge is now part of All Worlds, and guests can come and go from either. Handy! Ran into Justin, Dan, Nelson, and Robert on their hungover way home. He's a skinny hung white boy, just topped me, but also let me eat his ass. He was sharing his room with a friend, but there was a partial wall between them. Obviously, I wouldn't have cared either way. For the first time since starting my weekend, I was a little worried about STDs from him, only since he might have been parTying, and had been staying at AllWorlds. Maybe I'll make a sooner appointment.

John and Jeremiah had already left when I got back, and it quickly became apparent that we were all leaving today. We went to Rick's, one of many Denny's-style restaurants in PS, despite the exceptional wait. When we finally sat down, I found myself more tired than anything else, so opted to nap in Jason's car instead. I'd sweated a bit, but he didn't seem terribly upset. The drive home was even faster than the drive up, though it was a bit quieter. His monologue this time was about his favorite costumes from years back, mostly a group drag one from about 5 years ago. Everyone created their own personalities, to the point that he still has some friends saved by their drag names. In spite of his car's Empty light going on around Escondido, he drove all the way home without stopping. Unfortunately, half way to the house I realized I'd forgotten my toothbrush, razor, etc. I've got temporary stuff at home, and Sean gets back on Wednesday, so I'll live.

Tim had left me a note saying Happy New Year, and a calendar from Joe Phillips. It's sweet, but not something I asked for or even have any use for, really. I didn't have any real plans to go anywhere, and I was a little tired, but when a couple hit me up, I went over there. Tim messaged me on the way, asking if I was back yet. They were weird. The main gent looked a bit like a roided out version of Christopher McDonald. His partner was a little older, and seemed to be on some substance. The partner stopped just short of wrestling me into various positions. He'd start moving me, or grab my cock or something, and any initial resistance on my part was met with even more force, but he finally, if temporarily, let go once I applied even more force than that. Yeesh. They both came, insisted I stay longer "cuddling," but I finally got out of there.

Another gent had been hitting me up, and turned out to be very very handsome. He works in real estate, so can't do it himself, but is fascinated by my porn experience. Fucked me in several positions, I finally came for him. Then got back to Tim, who asked to come over with Tami and Pupple. They're both sick and trying to blame me, which isn't going to fly because I fucked Peter the same day I saw Tim, and if I didn't pass it on being balls deep in him, I sure as hell didn't give it to Tim from being in the same room.

They needed to go to the store, and I joined them, but TJ's was still closed. Days off are nice, and I'm glad TJ's gives them. There was a guy parked next to us with his door open, getting his kid set up in a car seat. He seemed genuinely offended that we'd had the audacity to park there, and even more upset that we wanted to get out. Take 5 seconds and be considerate to the rest of the world, man. I finished my shopping loooooong before Tim & Tami, waited in the car for them. They lingered at home for a while, both browsing random videos and articles on their phones, but finally left. I debated going out or tricking again, but sitting on the couch with Lady Miss Friday sounded like a better idea.


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